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Food selection and preparation are two of the most important tasks of organizing a social event. Alicia’s catering service provides a variety of courses and menus.

Just say the word, say the date, and we will have it ready for you on your special day. We take delight in helping you give your guests something to look forward to remember.

We offer delivery, set-up, and full service. Catering prices are determined by distance, quantity, and number of guests.  All items are subject to sales tax and 22% service charge for full service events. In coordinating your catered event, we can also arrange for rental services and floral displays.

Just say the word, say the date, and we will have it ready for you on your special day.

A La Carte

If you wish to plan a custom meal that suits your event’s theme, Alicia’s A La Carte menu is a wonderful option. Browse through our selections of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and cheese platters. We also welcome the opportunity to prepare items not listed on our menu. It’s the perfect chance to create a melody of courses that highlight the personal tastes of you and your guests. Mix and match choices, get creative, and enjoy all the tasty possibilities.

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Pricing and minimum order amounts vary for all A La Carte choices. Some items require a chafer. These are available for an additional price. Please contact us for more information.

Box Lunches

Whether you’re planning an outdoor affair, a noon field trip, or an office luncheon, Alicia’s offers an assortment of box lunches for you and your group. Choose between 3 options that include refreshing sandwiches, salads, fruit, chips, and desserts. And don’t worry about the extra details. Alicia’s sends each lunch with a mint, a napkin, and a towelette, and seals them in bakery boxes.

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Pricing varies for each box lunch, and we require a 10-person minimum order. Please order your box lunch 24 hours in advance.
Option #1 and Option #2 may select sandwiches #1-#18 on our lunch menu

Picnic Baskets

For those of us who love to combine food with nature, Alicia’s Picnic Baskets are lovely for outdoor festivities. Toast to your anniversary in a romantic and private setting or celebrate at the park with friends and family. Choose between our Lady Bug, Firefly, June Bug, and Mariposa baskets, and enjoy all the savory dishes tucked inside.

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Our full-course picnic menus come ready to serve, and we supply our baskets with linen tablecloths and napkins, utensils, plates, plastic wine or champagne glasses, salt and pepper, mints, and towelettes.

Pricing varies for each basket, and we require a 2-person minimum order.  48 hours advance notice is needed to properly prepare your picnic baskets. There is a $75.00 refundable equipment deposit on all baskets. 

Special Occasions

Food is at the heart of any celebration, be it a grand fiesta or a midday shower. Whatever the occasion, Alicia’s serves up a host of festive options. We supply full-course meals for everything from traditional English teas to Tuscan spreads to fireside feasts. With so many options available, it is our pleasure to accommodate what is sure to be a magnificent event.

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Pricing and minimum amounts vary with each Special Occasion menu. Please keep in mind these menus are not set in stone and any variations can be made. However, changes may alter the price per person. Deluxe coffee service may be added to any menu for $2.50 per person. This includes gourmet sugars, mocafé, and whipped cream.

Sweet Shoppe Bakery

Without a doubt, desserts truly live up to the phrase, “Saving the best for last.” It might be the texture of a delicious apple crisp, the rich aroma of a German chocolate cake with Bavarian cream and coconut-pecan frosting, or the plush flavor of raspberry sauce over a poppyseed cheesecake. Whether you have a birthday coming up or a family dinner in need of a delectable final course, Alicia’s Sweet Shoppe Bakery provides a variety of choices. From bundt cakes to brownies, you’re sure to find just the right crowd-pleaser here.

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Pricing and minimum amounts vary for all Sweet Shoppe choices.


Current holiday menus for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are updated one month prior to the holiday.

View our Easter Menu View our Thanksgiving Menu View our Chirstmas Menu

All catering prices are subject to change.