Alicia's Story

Preparing a wonderful meal for the community brings Alicia a great deal of joy. Her background doesn’t hail from fancy cooking academies or chef schools. Rather, she attributes all that she’s learned to experience. Indeed, it is a simple homegrown story that began with her father, Rudy. As a young girl, Alicia learned the ropes working at the restaurant he and the family owned for 45 years. Alicia’s spare time was dedicated to cooking and baking for friends and neighbors. And more friends. And more neighbors!

Alicia with her daughtersAlicia’s talent blossomed, gained recognition, and eventually began to cramp her father’s style. So Rudy decided it was time for her to leave the nest, and in 1978, he encouraged—or shall we say pushed—Alicia to lease a small store front in a neighborhood shopping center in Brea, California. Within three weeks, Alicia’s business was up and running. Her sandwich shop hit the town by storm, providing customers delicious, nourishing, healthy food. Her small storefront grew until it could grow no more, and thus it found its home of more than 20 years on the corner of Berry and Central.

“Alicia finds comfort in knowing her three daughters are by her side, helping her to continue the family legacy.”

Over the next years, Alicia’s expanded into four locations and created featured desserts for a chain restaurant in two states. As sweet as success can be, however, it also took time away from Alicia’s first love: her grandchildren & family. Realizing life is too short, she decided one restaurant would give her the balance she needed to fashion new recipes in the kitchen and be a grandmother. All in all, she can’t think of a more blissful combination.

As the business continues to flourish, Alicia finds comfort in knowing her three daughters are by her side, helping her to continue the family legacy. She loves every aspect of being a restaurateur. When asked if she’ll ever retire, Alicia grins and responds, “Not until the day I die!”